Press Release is excited to announce its partnership with up and coming independent artist, Nodis! If you do not know much about it is a small media marketing company that works with independant artists. Lauren Tursky, founder of, grew up in Northern Virginia and attended Full Sail University to earn her Bachelor's in Entertainment Business.

Sidon, better known as Nodis, grew up in Northern Virginia as well. Lauren has closely followed Nodis through his career thus far and openly supported him. Over this past year they have begun communication and small business projects together.

As of April 1st will be the offical marketing specialist for all of Nodis' projects. These projects can and may include creating electronic press kits, maintaining customer relationships, social media management, sourcing sponsorship opportunities, and more. This is not a binding partnership, it is an open business relationship that will result in great influential progress.

The first project Nodis and have started is a total social media revamp to ensure Nodis' personal brand is clearly represented through all internet platforms. This includes his profile pictures, background images, headers, tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook posts, and SoundCloud uploads. Please stay tuned to check in on Nodis and the progress of his pages, you may be surprised at what a little editing can add!

If you are interested in learning more about Nodis as an artist or collaborating on a project feel free to contact at is also looking for other independent artists in need of marketing assistance. If this is something you may be interested in send an email to the address above or connect with Lauren on Twitter by clicking the link below!


Top Songs by Nodis: